Vegetable Seed Packaging

Brief: In three weeks, update Mackenzie Seed’s current packaging by making it more visually attractive and indicative of the company’s organic and environmentally friendly values and standards.

Solution: One of the most successful ways  in which I achieved this was by using 100% recycled and compostable paper. I made sure to clearly label this information on the front of the packaging. The look and feel of the brown kraft paper combined with the simple black text and graphics helps to achieve this. The bright colours of the stickers (that vary depending on the vegetable) create an interesting and unique contrast with the paper.

I also developed a unique and useful way to open and pour the seeds from the package. The current design of Mackenzie Seed packages are not user-friendly and make it difficult to remove the seeds neatly from the package. My new design allows consumers to simply peal off a sticker and shake the seeds free from a hole located at the top of the package.