Around the Corner

Brief: To create an editorial piece on a subject of my choice. This project was designed to expose students to the core design principles of editorial design; creating an exciting visual representation of the content contained in the text of the book. It must maintain a signature look for a publication composed of a custom grid, signature typography, art-directed imagery, and a unique colour palette. It must include signature (art directed) illustrations, photography, collage, or a combination of these elements.

Solution: I chose to create a 40 page book that highlighted various corner stores around Vancouver. Corner stores are a rare find in the city, as more and more big box stores are popping up in their place. This book showcases the nostalgic beauty and social significance of these quaint and charming independent businesses.

I took all of my own photos for this book using a vintage film camera in order to perpetuate the old and nostalgic feeling of the subject matter. I also made use of my own hand written typography for headings in order to mimic the graffiti present on the sides of most corner stores in Vancouver.

I created a conceptual cover where a separate page containing the title, “Around the Corner”, physically wraps around the corner of the spine. This is a fun and engaging element, causing the reader to turn the book over in order to reveal the rest of the abstracted phrase.