A few months ago, my friends and I set out on an Icelandic adventure, beginning in the country’s capital, Reykjavík and ending in the small northwestern town of Ísafjörður, where my sister lives and studies. Now looking to be inspired for various new projects, I have been recalling the countless examples of beautiful design that I encountered during the trip. 

Manifesting as a mixture of the beautifully unique landscape, crisp fresh air and bright and colourful architecture, graphic design in Iceland is a true reflection of its surroundings. Many Icelandic designs make use of angular lines and geometric shapes, as well as bright and colourful colour palettes. Other examples of design I came across exhibited a strikingly minimalist approach, making thoughtful use of white space, as well as clean and contemporary typography. Overall, I find the design in Iceland to be extremely influential with its quirky nature, modern flare and innovative tendencies.

Iceland Photos

OmNom Icelandic Chocolate [images retrieved from here]

Iceland Photos3

Einstok Beer [images retrieved from here]

Iceland Photos2

Saltverk Sea Salt [images retrieved from herehere and here]